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There are three kinds of workouts you should do to maximize your training.

• Speed Workouts
• Distance Workouts
• Strength Workouts

These three kinds of workouts will keep you at the top of your training routine. There is a concept many people that don't understand exercise don't understand. That is getting faster. If you run 4 miles every day all summer, and wonder why you aren't getting any faster, it's because it's just that. You aren't running any faster. Once you reach a certain level, you need to change up your routine because your muscles become familiar with the training you've been doing. Keep working your muscles in different ways to work all the fibers for maximum performance.

To be faster, you have to go faster. It's as simple as that. Unless you are weight lifter. Lifters don't exactly have to lift faster to get stronger, but we aren't training for a body building contest. This is the world of triathlon, where you rely on mental stability and endurance. Just remember if you want to see your performance quickly, you need to work HARD! Long distance runs, and faster short runs. Same thing goes for swimming and biking. Long distance workouts combined with short fast workouts will get the results you want. Don't forget core strengthening such as pushups and situps.

Don't be fooled by resting. Resting is part of training for triathlons. If you are working out hard every day, you will need to rest. Of course if you aren't working out hard, you don't really need to rest. You know when you've really worked out hard when your muscles are sore. Listen to your body.

Below is a 6 week training program for beginners to get ready for the Aqua Triathlon. Each person has different athletic ability, so you could start off at week 2 if you think you can train at that level.

Ultimate Goal:
350 meter swim
12 mile bike
3.16 mile run

Week1 Week2
Sunday Rest Rest Rest Rest
Monday Swim 50m repeats Swim 100m repeats
Tuesday Run 1-2 miles Swim/Run 100m repeats/2 miles
Wednesday Bike 5 miles Bike 6 miles
Thursday Swim 50m repeats Swim 100m repeats
Friday Run 1-2 miles Run 800m repeats
Saturday Bike 10 miles Bike 10 miles
Week3 Week4
Sunday Rest Rest Rest Rest
Monday Swim 100m repeats Swim 200m repeats
Tuesday Swim/Run 100m repeats/2 miles Run 200m repeats/3 miles
Wednesday Bike 6 miles Bike 10 miles
Thursday Swim 200m repeats Swim 300m repeats
Friday Run 800m repeats Run 800m repeats
Saturday Run/Bike 10 miles Bike 15 miles
Week5 Week6
Sunday Rest Rest Rest Rest
Monday Swim 400m repeats Swim 400m repeats
Tuesday Swim/Run 300m/5 miles Swim/Run 300m/5 miles
Wednesday Bike 20 miles Bike 20 miles
Thursday Swim 100m repeats Swim 200m repeats
Friday Run 800m repeats Run 800m repeats
Saturday Run/Bike 4 mi/15 mi Run/Bike 5 mi/20 mi

Note: Before each workout, you should warmup, stretch, do pushups and situps. The amount is up to you, but I know from my experience, the mindset I have when I warmup much of the time determines the way I perform in training.

Repeats - These are designed to let your muscles have the chance to move faster, which will increase your speed. Repeats are usually done at your race pace speed, which is the speed you would be going in the race.

Strength training - There aren't any strength workouts in the training program above. However, it wouldn't hurt to hit the weight a bit. If you do decided to lift weights, do lots of repetitions at low weight for endurance training.

Finished Program:
Once you have finished the program you can then continue to increase the mileage of your workouts. Just remember the three keys to getting faster: distance, speed and strength.

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